Political processes and security

The educational program is aimed at training professional personnel who are able to make non-standard decisions and have fundamental knowledge in the field of political technologies and communications. They have the skills to effectively analyze and forecast political processes, allowing them to work in the field of strategic and political Analytics, management, culture, in government structures, within non-governmental organizations, as well as in international institutions, companies or businesses.

Direction of preparation: profile

Duration of study: 1 year

The educational program is aimed at training experts in the field of political science and security, who have the skills of critical analysis and forecasting of political processes, who are able to effectively manage various political projects on the basis of various state, public and commercial structures, as well as civic initiatives.


Today’s political processes require professionals with knowledge of the most effective strategies and tactics that will contribute to the advancement of political processes and the country’s security. Whether in government rooms or research institutes, the skillful application of knowledge of political processes and security will have a positive impact on the qualitative improvement of political processes within the country in building a more cohesive, active and safe society.

Career opportunities
  • Government organizations and NGOs
  • International organizations (UN, OSCE, SCO, etc.)
  • Analytical centers and research institutes
  • Foreign diplomatic missions in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Programm disciplines
  • Armed Conflicts and Security
  • Gender and Conflict (elective)
  • Modern Political Technologies (elective)
  • Negotiations and mediation (elective)
  • Political Psychology (elective)
  • Information Security in the Modern World (elective)
  • Economic security (elective)
  • China and Central Asia in global politics (elective)

For any additional information,

please contact professor Аdilkhanuly N.: nurlan.adilkhanuly@narxoz.kz